Bonnie Burdett

Professional Fiduciary Bonnie Burdett

Trustee & Professional Fiduciary Bonnie Burdett in the Bay Area.

Bonnie Burdett CLPF - Professional Fiduciary

Bonnie Burdett, co-owner of Prime Fiduciary Services, enjoys serving as an advocate for her clients, putting their needs first and making sure their physical safety, personal happiness, health and welfare are best served at all times.

Bonnie has a Sociology degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Prior to starting Prime Fiduciary Services, Bonnie had a successful career for 25 years in investor and corporate relations at ALZA Corporation, a pharmaceutical and drug delivery company, and later as a consultant helping medical device and biotechnology companies raise equity.

She has held leadership positions in the Professional Fiduciary Association of California and is an active member of many civic and volunteer organizations.

Bonnie Burdett CLPF
Professional Fiduciary