Fiduciary Palo Alto

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Trustee (or trust administration) in Palo Alto

We manage, administer, and safeguard assets held in trust in Palo Alto.  We report to the beneficiaries, file tax returns on the trust’s behalf, and distribute assets according to the trust’s instructions.  We prepare court accountings of assets and liabilities and take responsibility for the investable assets. More importantly, we are trusted by those we work with.

Court appointed estate conservator

As conservator, we locate, manage and protect personal and financial assets in Palo Alto or nationally. We prepare and file accountings reviewed and approved by the court, maintaining accurate, detailed fiduciary records of all transactions as well as records of the decision making process that underpinned them.

Court appointed conservator of a person

We always advocate on behalf of the conservatee when appointed conservator. We protect and manage the personal and financial assets of the conservatee, locating assets when necessary, and prepare and file accountings.

As conservator we oversee living and medical care needs. We maintain accurate, detailed fiduciary records of all transactions and the decision-making process. We understand some of the difficulties of this challenging time and do everything we can to ease the burden.

“As a friend of Ms. P’s I believe that one of the smartest decisions she ever made was to hire you as her fiduciary.…” – Lisa P.

Decedent estate administration

When appointed to administer a decedent estate, we finalize the affairs, paying outstanding debts and taxes. According to the instructions in the decedent’s estate plan or will, we organize and distribute the remaining assets and property to the people or organizations named.