Fiduciary Services

Trustee (or trust administration)

As directed by your trust, we professionally manage, administer, and safeguard the assets held in the trust.  We report to the beneficiaries, file tax returns and make distributions per the instructions in the trust.  We prepare court accountings and take responsibility for the investable assets.

Court appointed conservator of the estate and/or the person

As conservator, we locate, manage and protect personal and financial assets of the conservatee, oversee living and medical care needs, and prepare and file accountings reviewed and approved by the court.  We maintain accurate, detailed fiduciary records of all transactions and the decision-making process.  We advocate on behalf of our client in their best interest.

Decedent estate administration

When appointed, we are responsible for finalizing the affairs, paying the debts and taxes, assembling and distributing the remaining assets and/or property to the persons or organizations outlined in the decedent’s estate plan or will.